Rolling Doors, Seismic Forces.

Alpines Engineering Staff have  joined with DASMA to assist in developing the calculation criteria used for the design specifications governing the Seismic Forces on rolling steel doors in accordance with the provisions of ASCE 7.

Architects, Engineers and Building Owners can utilize Alpines Seismic calculation program in order to effectively  pre-plan the installation of rolling doors when attaching them to a structure that is located in a Seismic Zone. (Earth Quakes and Earth Tremors)

Performing the Alpine Siesmic Calculations will allow an Architect/Engineer the feasibility of viewing the  effects that  Seismic forces, (Earth Quakes, Earth Tremores, Vibrations of the Earth)  have on a rolling door’s Horizontal and Vertical Design Load, as well as the Upward and Downward Forces placed on it during a Seismic Event.

Also highlighted are the effects of a Seismic Event on a Rolling Steel Doors mounting configuration and the forces placed on the fastening bolts and the Motor Operator.

If your Rolling Steel Door project is located within an Identified “Seismic Event”  Region or Area, (High incidence of Earth Quakes, Earth Tremors) any questions you may have relating to the Seismic Performance Calculator can be directed and addressed  to the Alpine Engineering Staff at 631-473-9300.






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