Alpine® Wooden Counter Shutters

Wooden Counter Shutters add beauty and security.

These counter shutters and wood doors are ideal for office windows, school cafeterias, healthcare facilities, hospitals and airport concession displays. Wood shutters offer the richness and beauty of wood with the practicality of a roll up door. Click here to request a quote.

Alpine’s wood rolling doors are constructed with the highest quality material and the latest in technical innovation to ensure that each roll up wood door exceeds the requirements it is meant to achieve. Alpine’s winning team of employees work diligently with the customers beyond the sale. We show our customers that their satisfaction is our top priority. Alpine’s quality and workmanship with wooden counter shutters is proven throughout the door industry. Our hands-on approach to every job ensures customer satisfaction.

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Each roll up wood door is built to the exact opening size requirements for your specific project. When the wood shutter is rolled up the curtain is fully stored in an overhead coil and is fully supported by the side guides. These wood rolling doors are highly durable and are designed to withstand heavy commercial use. Best of all, little to no maintenance is required.

Door Construction

CURTAIN The slats for wooden counter shutters and wood doors are 1-3/4” high by 1/2” thick and are held together by cables that run through vertical holes drilled in each slat at 22” intervals. Slats are also available in 1-3/4” high by 3/4” thick.

GUIDES Wood overhead doors and wood shutters have guides that are 1-1/2” by 4” for between jamb mounting and 2-13/16” by 3” for face of wall mounting. Aluminum extruded guides are 1/8” thick, 1-1/4” by 1-1/2” for between jamb and 2” by 3” for face of wll mounting applications.

COUNTERBALANCE ASSEMBLY Counter balance spring for the roll up wood door is housed in either a 2” or a 4” diameter pipe. Springs are helical torsion and are designed to withstand a 25% overload.

CABLE  Cable for the wood doors are plastic coated aviation, 3/32” diameter cable with a tensile strength of 480 pounds. The cable for wood shutters is anchored to the bottom bar with a compression spring that applies tension to the cable. The other end of the cable is securely fastened to the top slat of the curtain.

HOOD A coil enclosure (Hood) is available for these wooden counter shutters in wood matching the curtain and guides. It is constructed of 3/4” veneer plywood. Hoods are also available in sheet metal (steel or aluminum).

BOTTOM BAR Bottom bar of the wood overhead doors and wood rolling doors is constructed of solid wood 5-5/8” high by 1-5/8” thick.

LOCKING Deadbolt lock installed at both jambs of the wood shutters and wood doors. Cylinder locks are also available.

BRACKET PLATES Bracket plates for the wooden counter shutters  and wood rolling doors are fabricated of 1/8” or 3/16” thick steel.

OPERATION Wood overhead doors are available in push-up, hand chain, or motor operation. For optional features see the motor operators section in this catalog. Please See Alpine’s Motor Operator Page (

ACCESS CONTROLS: Optional control stations are available for this roll up wood door as Push Button Control Station or Key Control Stations. Special Control Stations are also available, please consult factory. Please See Alpine’s Access Contols Page ( Call Alpine today to learn more about these wood overhead doors!

Powder Coating

Our large selection of colors make our doors decorative and durable.

Standard Colors

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Special Effects

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1 1/2″ Wooden Slat


5 5/8″ Wooden Bottom Bar





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