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Alpine® Fire-Shut Smoke Split Frame® Counter Fire Door

Split Frame Fire Smoke Rolling Counter Shutter

Below you will be able to download Drawing details for counter fire door. The Drawing details for the sound rated doors are available as a PDF. Click here to request a quote. AutoCAD drawings and AutoCAD details may be selected on the CAD FILES option to the right. The AutoCAD drawings and AutoCAD details for these fire rated doors comply with 08360, 08400 & 08330 construction specifications. You’ll find useful information regarding the operation of your counter shutter, including both manual and motor operation.

These fire rated doors comply with the 08330 construction specification. Alpine’s UL Classified Integral Frame® Smoke Fire Shutter is manufactured and designed at the factory for a seamless, custom appearance. The counter fire doors are fully assembled prior to pick-up or delivery to the project site and ready for placement into the wall opening. For mall doors and storefront security doors or industrial grilles, please select the item from the product index.

To download details (PDF) for sound rated doors, please click below.

1-1/4″ Flat slat

The Fire Shut Smoke Split Frame® AutoCAD drawings and AutoCAD details are for informational purposes. They may change at any time. The CAD detail and CAD drawing reflect the options that are available to the architects and engineers compiling a drawing of sound fire rated doors to present to contractors.  The AutoCAD detail and AutoCAD drawing will be updated regularly. Alpine’s durable counter fire door is unmatched in the industry!

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