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Alpine® Fire Shut Split Frame® Fire Door Operator

Below are the options for fire door operators that are available for Alpine’s Fire-Shut Split-Frame UL classified doors. Click on each operator for more details.

Alpine’s Redi-Midget is a UL Listed, gear reduced jackshaft door operator with a high starting torque. This fire door safety device has full overload protection and is removable without affecting limit switch settings. These fire door operators come with a 3-button station, 1-button station, automatic closing timer and all types of access control equipment. Alpine’s Redi-Robot is a high quality advanced servo motor in a compact package (4″ x 12″ long) encased in a NEMA 4. The operator for these UL classified doors has planetary gear for high efficiency and exceptional reliability. The fire door safety device  electronic overload protection eliminates the need for mechanical clutch. Output shaft speeds range from 70 to 350 RPM.
The Solid State Securities time delay release devices are normally energized as Fail-Safe devices incorporating state of the art electronic security control circuitry.

The Redi-Release series release devices respond to emergency conditions generated by manual or automatic normally closed initiating devices, and are designed to be used in conjunction with a temperature fuse link system. The Test-Release device features include time delay on alarm and power loss, motor voltage sensing, form C output, proximity/door edge input and trouble diagnostic capabilities. Check model label to be installed to verify applicable features.

CAUTION: As with all releasing device systems, maximum fire protection is provided when installed in accordance with factory specifications and used with fuse link systems. Fail-Safe operation can only be provided when input power is applied.

Alpine’s fire door operators for UL classified doors are constructed with the highest quality material and the latest in technical innovation to ensure that each operator exceeds the requirements it is meant to achieve. Alpine is sure to have fire door safety device that will meet all your individual specifications. Call Alpine to learn more about these motor operators today!