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Redi-Reset® CMX

CMX-Chain with Cable Release

A perfect choice for use on manually operated rolling steel fire doors.

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Red-Reset CMX Chain Cable Door Operator



  • UL Classified under GUNL and GVUX.
  • Easily adjustable hydraulic governor.
  • Friction torque limiter.
  • Efficient anti-backdrive mechanism.
  • This door operating device has a built-in disconnect mechanism.
  • Quick test and reset.
  • Hardened steel gears at a 12:1 ratio.


  • Compatible with standard fusible links, cable, sash chain and electronic releasing device.
  • Easy installation with various mounting options.
  • Compatible with a Fire Door up to 14’ X 14’.
  • Governor always engaged for a fail safe design.
  • Easy to use as a retrofit solution on fire doors.
  • The automatic door operator is built with strong aluminum housings.

Alpines Redi-Reset-CMX governor device is ideal for use on manually operated rolling steel fire doors.

The Redi-Reset-CMX door operating device is equipped with a patented hydraulic governor which allows real-time fine tuning while the door is closing. This UL classified Redi-Reset governor is designed to accommodate a wide range of installation locations and varying door weights. The optimal temperature range that this governor is designed to work in is from 50 degrees Farenheit to 104 degrees Farenheit. Within this temperature range, the Redi-Reset-CMX governor will allow the rolling steel fire door to fall within the NFPA range of 6 inches per second to 24 inches per second.

For very specific locations where the temperatures are much colder or hotter than specified above, the hydraulic fluid in the governor can be changed. This will accommodate the more extreme conditions.

Some of the benefits of using the Alpine Redi-Reset-CMX include:

The automatic door operator is compatible with standard fusible links, cable, sash chain and electronic device.

This door operating device is very easy to use as a retrofit solution for rolling steel fire doors.

The UL classified governor is always engaged for a fail-safe design. Fail-safe means that the operator system is capable of responding to an alarm signal to close off the door opening in the event of a complete power failure.

The governor is designed to operate with a fire door measuring up to 14’ X 14’.

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