IMB-V8 Sound Resistant Doors - Photo Gallery

Quality Insulated Doors

Alpine’s IMB-V8® sound resistant doors and coiling shutters offer excellent protection against the elements. These insulated heat doors prevent thermal transmittance, therefore saving money in energy costs. The IMB-V8® insulated overhead steel doors are a rolling door designed specifically to provide energy efficiency while utilizing a heat resistant polystyrene insulation with a low thermal transmittance factor. The sound resistant doors are also fully weatherstripped. This makes them perfect loading dock doors, sound resistant doors and other applications.

The metal on metal insulated slate of the coiling shutters has polystyrene insulation that is a minimum of 15/16” thick. The polystyrene insulation provides maximum thermal protection. Alpine’s coiling shutters are engineered and tested to meet or exceed industry standards. These sound resistant doors and heat doors are sure to meet all of your door needs! Call Alpine today for more information and quotes!

This photo gallery shows some examples of the heat doors. Alpine manufactures and installs many sound resistant doors for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.