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About Alpine Overhead Doors

Providing Quality, Safety and Security for Over 50 Years

Alpine Overhead Doors, Inc. is an innovative, quality driven US-based manufacturer of rolling doors since 1972. Our success is fueled by a passion for designing doors that are built to perform and to last. We are dedicated exclusively to the rolling door market. Our products can be found across the United States and around the world, serving a wide variety of purposes and environmental challenges. Our production facility currently manufactures over 70 different models, and growing. Alpine is a privately held, family owned company based in New York.

Design for You, Engineered to Last 

Innovation is at the core of every Alpine door. In fact, we hold over a dozen utility patents as a proof of our passion to continually enhance functionality, features and benefits for our customers. And we’re not done – our patent portfolio is constantly expanding as we continue to improve the utility and longevity of our products.

Standard Models – Alpine’s standard door models are designed for easy, trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance required. Flexibility is at the heart of our design process – understanding that every aspect and component of a door must be tailored for its specific use including the operator, curtain, guides, brackets, bottom bars, finish, etc. Alpine’s doors are designed to last – with thousands of installations remaining in service for over 20 years.

Specialty Products – Our specialty application products meet the highest standards. This is evidenced by our hard-earned certifications and installations for the most demanding applications such as military aircraft, satellite facilities and nuclear power plants, among others. 

Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide specialty products that others will not make. For example, Alpine has successfully manufactured and installed some of the largest rolling security and fire doors in the world – up to 65’ feet wide x 30’ feet high.

Every Alpine door is designed and built in our New York based manufacturing facility. We are an ISO 9001:2015 Registered Firm, evidencing our commitment to consistently building high quality doors. Further, we operate under Lean Six Sigma manufacturing principles to further increase efficiency and reduce waste. This allows us to remain competitive and deliver exceptional value to our customers. 

We follow a made-to-order production process – crafting each door to the customer’s exact size, specifications and requirements. This hands-on, individual design and manufacturing approach to every job ensures customer satisfaction. Simply, we design each door as a “special project” and not as a replicated product.

We source the highest quality metals, materials and components only from established, reputable suppliers – those that closely share our mission and vision.


  • To ensure our customers only receive superb quality products, we do extensive testing on everything we produce and continuously implement enhancements while stringently following our quality and certification programs, including:
  • We are an ISO 9001:2015 Registered Firm, conforming with the International Standard of Operation and manufacturing procedures. 
    > Click here to download our ISO certificate (PDF).
  • Routinely testing our products through Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.), Factory Mutual (F.M.), Miami-Dade County, Texas Insurance Agency, and Florida Department of Community Affairs Building Codes for high wind and fire protection products and many other agencies.
  • Continuing development and automation of our database systems to streamline our workflow Processes. 

Our Experience is Broad and Extensive

Some of Our Many Projects Include:

  • PSE & G cooling towers — New Jersey, USA
  • Satellite Alert Facilities of Cape Canaveral — Florida, USA
  • Special Forces Base — Kuwait
  • Ministry of Defense — Bahrain
  • United States Army National Guard — Multiple locations, USA
  • Alaska Special Transports Ferry — Alaska, USA
  • Oil Rig Platforms — multiple locations off coast of Russia, Japan, etc.

Our Mission

Alpine Overhead Doors’ primary objective is to design and manufacture the highest quality security rolling door products to protect life and property, with minimal impact to the environment, yet our core business is creating satisfied customers by delivering exceptional long lasting products, on time and within budget.