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Alpine’s line of coiling security grilles, mall doors and overhead coiling grilles are ideal for malls, parking garages, service counters, storefronts and many other applications requiring both visibility and security. Our coiling grilles are offered in brick or straight patterns. Additional customization options are available to suit your requirements. Our security grilles are available with torsion or box spring counterbalance.

Security Grilles

Mall Doors & Overhead Coiling Grilles

6″ Mall Grille

Heavy Duty 6″ Security Grille

6″ Counter Shutter Grille

Storefront Rolling Security Grilles

Low Cost 6″ Grille

Economical 6″ Security Grille

Benefits of Security Grilles

  • They provide protection with the added benefits of visibility and airflow
  • Excellent theft deterrent
  • Flexible – may be made to fit most commercial entranceways, doorways and windows; many configuration options available
  • Much more attractive option for securing windows than traditional approaches such as iron bars
  • Helps meet insurance requirements and could help reduce premiums
  • Cost effective, especially when configured for manual operation 

Security Grille Overview

Alpine Overhead Doors’ Mall-Dawn™ security grilles are designed for use wherever roll down doors or metal grilles would be used where exquisite aesthetics are desired. The coiling grille curtain, made with 5/16″ thick galvanized steel rods and tubular aluminum spacers, is available in either a 6″ brick pattern or a 6″ or 9″ straight pattern. The Mall Dawn grille security gates, rolling gates and coiling grilles are also available in a variety of finishes and colors, making this roll up gate ideal for storefronts and shopping mall entrances. Alpine is a quality manufacturer of mall doors, commercial grilles, coiling grille doors and Rolling gates.

Alpine’s Industrial-Grille™ industrial rolling doors are designed for security and easy operation. The superior construction and quality materials of the industrial rolling grilles utilized by Alpine guarantee a long life for our stainless steel grille with minimum maintenance. Our durable brand name Industrial Grille® industrial coiling doors are customized to fit your opening size. Alpine’s industrial overhead doors have been proven to be the best quality on thousands of installations where they are required for commercial and industrial security grille use.

These industrial rolling grilles and industrial rolling doors are ideal for storefronts, malls, display cases, office windows, concession stands, parking garage doors as well as shopping centers. The industrial coiling doors offer security and protection with its stainless steel grille as well as the ability to visually observe what is behind the door when the security gate is fully closed. Our industrial rolling doors and industrial coiling doors are ideal for parking garages, bus depots, commercial and industrial buildings located in high traffic areas. Click here to see suggested control stations for these industrial overhead doors. Alpine’s stainless steel grille is sure to meet all of your door needs.

Alpine’s Counter-Grille™ is a roll up shutter and roller shutter utilizing overhead coiling grilles made with 5/16″ thick galvanized rods with PVC tubular spacers. The Counter Grille rolling counter shutters are housed in roll-formed steel guides that are designed for durability. These coiling grille rolling shutters are ideal for storefront windows and come in a variety of finishes and colors.

Alpine’s Dawn-Grille™ rolling grille is an economical choice for a commercial security door that combines the features of the Dawn 4 Door and curtain. The strong solid galvanized steel rods with PVC sleeves give the curtain a sturdy construction while allowing an incredible amount of visibility. These dawn rolling grilles are ideal for shops in malls or storefronts. The coiling grilles and security gates are available in brick or straight patterns. These metal grilles provide security against theft or unauthorized access while maintaining the aesthetics of the building. The rolling gates are constructed with a box spring counterbalance designed for 12,000 cycles to provide years of easy, reliable use. Alpine is a quality manufacturer of quality commercial grilles, rolling gates, grille doors, roll up gate, coiling grilles and tough grille doors. The best in security grilles and security gates.

Alpine’s Econo-Grille™ security grilles and security gates are affordable rolling grilles made with 5/16″ thick galvanized rods with PVC tubular spacers. The Econo-Grille™ roll up shutter is housed in roll-formed steel guides that are designed for durability. Similar to the Mall Dawn rolling gates, the Econo coiling grilles are available in a 6″ brick or a 6″ or 9″ straight pattern, available in different finishes and colors, and ideal as commercial grilles for storefronts and security grille in malls.