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Alpine Overhead Doors manufactures a full line of roll up doors for virtually any application. These strong, durable flat and curved slatted metal coiling doors are designed for ultimate security. Available in various gauges of steel and mounting configurations to accommodate almost any size opening.

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Roll Up Door Overview

Alpine’s Wind-Tite® warehouse doors are built using high-quality craftsmanship with laser precision in a variety of materials for your commercial and industrial coiling door needs. These and non-insulated rolling steel doors are fully weather sealed with guide and bottom bar astragal and a hood baffle. We manufacture a wide array of commercial and industrial coiling doors designed for warehouses, loading docks, commercial entrances and rolling door security applications. They are used as coiling service doors and steel coiling doors. Alpine’s Wind-Tite rolling warehouse doors are designed using flat slats and weather stripping to resist infiltration by the elements. The industrial coiling doors come fully equipped with a loop astragal on the bottom bar, snap-on vinyl strips on the guides and a neoprene air baffle on the hood that is designed to prevent weather damage. The Wind-Tite commercial overhead doors are practical for any areas that need extra protection against the weather. 

Alpine’s Steel-Vision® commercial rolling gates are industrial strength roll up security doors constructed with a perforated, steel curtain that allows for visibility and security. This coiling roll down overhead gate is an effective barrier that can prevent theft and unlawful entry as well as looting in riot situations. The small perforations allow for ventilation and a clean uncluttered view through the door while maintaining the security of a standard service door. The Steel-Vision® security doors are perfect for high-traffic areas and available in a number of colors and finishes.

Alpine’s Serv-Dawn™ commercial roll up doors are designed for industrial and service applications, storage containers and security products. The overhead service doors and industrial coiling doors are ideal for situations where side room and head room is limited. Helical torsion springs for this rolling door are designed for 20,000 cycles with a high usage option up to 400,000 cycles. Each of our coiling doors are computer designed to your specifications.  Alpine’s Serv-Dawn™ industrial rolling steel door is superior designed for quality and long-lasting use in a variety of applications. 

E-Series™ rolling service door is an economy version of Alpine’s Serv-Dawn™ security doors for applications with less traffic and no need for heavy-duty construction or a grille door. The E-Series coiling door uses roll-formed steel guides that require less material while maintaining roll-down security and long-lasting durability.

E-Series™ Vision perforated rolling door is a commercial roll down door available in an economy version of Alpine’s Steel-Vision® for areas with less traffic and no need for heavy-duty construction. This coiling door uses roll-formed steel guides that use less material while maintaining security and long-lasting durability. The roll down security curtain comes with standard 4″ perforated curved slats, which allow for ventilation and an uncluttered view through the door. 

Alpine’s IMB insulated rolling doors are coiling doors with insulated metal backed slats that have either 5/8″ or 7/8″ slats offering R-Values between 6.82-9.00 (U-factor of 0.147 to XXX) calculated using the ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals. The slats on the overhead doors are insulated with polystyrene for increased thermal protection. The IMB-insulated rolling door profiles are also available with foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation. The insulated door profile is a flat slat with a metal back cover. The IMB series comes in a variety of materials and finishes to meet your needs for weather sealed doors.

Dawn 3″ Doors and Dawn 4″ Doors are commercial grade economy box spring coiling doors that are great for use in storefronts, warehouse entrances and indoor/outdoor flea markets. Designed for easy operation, the roll down Dawn 3 and 4 Door are affordable alternatives created for entrances that do not experience heavy traffic. The box spring counterbalance is designed for 12,000 cycles, giving our customers years of dependable, low-maintenance service. The curtain for these security doors is comprised of standard 3″ curved slats and is available with a variety of options.