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Alpine Overhead Doors is a leading rolling door manufacturer specializing in rolling steel doors, shutters, grilles and gates for virtually every application. We provide superior protection products against fire, storm, vandalism, riot, security, as well as other specific needs. From standard counter/service doors in mall kiosks or mom and pop shops, to custom installations in power plants, oil rig platforms and military bases, we have protected it all. Our customers have the most diverse and highest quality commercial overhead door products to choose from including: 

      Roll Up Service Doors

      Alpine’s rolling service doors are recommended as security doors against theft, weather, damage, and other applications where a space saving, cost effective closure is required.
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      Insulated Service Doors

      Alpine’s commercial overhead door models are recommended against theft, weather, damage, and other applications where thermal, sound protection and additional operational cost.

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      Storefront Doors & Mall Grilles

      Storefront rolling steel doors are offered in a selection of materials and a wide range of colors, Alpine’s storefront and mall doors and grilles provide the ideal blend of form and function for many mall and storefront entrance-ways.

      > View Our Storefront / Mall Doors and Grilles

      Security Grilles

      Security grilles are ideal for use in malls, parking garages, service counters, storefronts and many other applications requiring both visibility and security. Torsion and box spring counterbalance models available.

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      Counter Doors / Counter Shutters

      Alpine’s Counter Shutters are practical for small openings and are specifically designed for all pass-thru openings such as service counters, windows, concession stands and cafeteria counters.

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      Fire Rated Shutters

      Alpine’s Fire Rated Shutters are UL tested and approved shutters designed to close during a fire event practical for small openings including service counters, concession stands and cafeteria counters.
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      Fire & Smoke Doors

      Fire & smoke commercial overhead doors manufactured by Alpine are classified for a 3 hour (Class A) rating and may also be installed in openings requiring a lower rating. These steel overhead fire doors carry the Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc. label. 

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      Hurricane & FEMA Rated Doors

      Our Rolling Hurricane and Tornado Doors have been designed to withstand winds in excess of 187 miles per hour, and have passed all the required METRO-Dade County, Florida guidelines and testing. Our FEMA door is certified to FEMA P-361 guidelines, and offers increased protection against wind and flying debris.

      > View Our Hurricane and FEMA Rated Storm Doors  

      Specialty / High Security Commercial Overhead Doors

      Alpine’s Specialty and Custom Steel rolling Overhead Doors are available for virtually any application. If your door needs to handle the extremes of water, wind, fire, pressure, or riots, Alpine will have the solution for you!

      > View Our Specialty and High Security Overhead Doors

      Operators and Optional Features

      We offer an extensive range of operators to accommodate your needs. We also provide many options including access controls, release devices, sensing and egress devices, vision lights and fenestration. 

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      Roll Up Door Parts

      Our commercial roll up door parts include flat, perforated slats and curved slats in a variety of materials, end brackets, roll-formed angles, and much more. 

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      Need Windload, Tornado or Seismic Data for your Rolling Doors?

      To get wind, tornado and seismic data for a specific location, use this handy tool to search by street address or geographical coordinates. No registration required, and it’s free to use!