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Split-Frame™ - Integral Frame Doors

Split Frame Integral Counter Shutter

Product Features

  • Integral frame doors accent and enhance building decor
  • Security gate counter shutters are available in a variety of finishes
  • This split frame door fits into new & existing openings up to 12′ X 8′ maximum
  • Service shutters are customized to fit your wall thickness

Breakthrough Design for Easy Installation!

Alpine Split-Frame™ service shutters are manufactured and designed at the factory for a seamless, custom appearance without requiring door assembly in the field. This borrowed light security gate counter features our special Split-Frame™ design for quick installation into new walls or existing openings with a finished buck frame edge. Built-in mounted units wrap around the wall and are installed while the wall is being constructed. Hollow metal units can be set into finished walls. No costly, time-consuming finishing with sheet rock, masonry or carpentry is needed with these Integral frame doors. This door is Available up to 12′ x 8′ or custom built to your specifications. Finishes for security gate counter shutters include stainless steel or powder-coated to match any design scheme.

Additional Benefits:
Alpine’s Security Gate Counter, Service Shutters, Integral Frame Doors or Hollow Metal Shutters can be fully assembled prior to pick-up or delivery to the project site. Ready for placement into the wall opening.

Stainless steel counter shutters are a custom looking, finished product with high quality design.

1 1/4 Flat or 2″ Curved Slat