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Alpine’s fire door, Auto High Rise H-O Fire-Tite® bulkhead shutter undergoes several fire door tests to ensure optimal reliability during extended periods of exposure to fire. They also act as a bullet resistant door. These rolling doors are great for applications where fire protection is a primary concern. Click here to request a quote on these industrial doors. Auto High Rise H-O Fire-Tite® bulkhead shutters are engineered and tested to meet or exceed industry standards for a fire resistant door.

This bullet resistant door is designed fire resistant specifically for use in offshore H-O rated marine bulkheads. Offshore Auto-High Rise H-O Fire-Tite® bulkhead shutter is a rolling door constructed of galvanized steel in 2 3/4″ flat slats, similar to the standard fire door. These industrial doors can be finished with powder coating or baked enamel finishes.

Below you will find an industrial doors photo gallery showing the tests and the application of our Auto High Rise H-O Fire-Tite® fire door to our fire resistant rolling doors. Scroll down the page to find additional photos of Auto High Rise H-O Fire-Tite® bullet resistant door with custom colors or additional components such as chain operators.

Alpine’s Engineering team will help you determine the exact fire resistant rolling doors or industrial doors that will meet your specifications and requirements for your fire door. Alpine will guide you through every step with your bulkhead doors. Alpine will design bullet resistant doors that will bring years of usage.

Alpine’s fire resistant bulkhead doors and bullet resistant doors are tough enough to stand up to alot of usage. These rolling doors and industrial doors are built to last. Call Alpine today to find out which fire door is right for your building’s entry.