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A fire rated shutter is a fire door with a fire rating to prevent the spread of fire or smoke between compartments. These high speed shutters are meant to enable safe egress from a building, structure or ship. These Auto fire doors are safety and security at its best.

Alpine’s Fire-Tite® industrial coiling shutter is engineered and fire door tested to meet or exceed industry standards. When it comes to high speed shutters that will protect against fire damage, this fire rated shutter is built to perform. This industrial coiling shutter offers excellent protection at a competitive price. The high speed shutters are built in accordance with auto fire doors requirements specified by Underwriter’s Laboratories Inc. Alpine’s overhead fire rated shutter is tested and approved for the protection of openings in fire walls, vertical shafts and exterior walls up to 152 sq. ft. with a maximum width or height of up to 13’6”.

Alpine’s fire rated shutter undergoes several fire door tests to ensure optimal reliability during extended periods of exposure to fire. Below you will find an auto fire doors photo gallery showing the tests and the application of our Fire-Tite® industrial coiling shutter. Scroll down the page to find additional photos of Fire-Tite® high speed shutters with custom colors or additional components such as chain operators.