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Alpine® Auto-Smoke Fire-Shut® Commercial Coiling Shutters

Quality Smoke Sealed Shutters

Alpine’s Auto-Smoke Fire-Shut® smoke door, commercial coiling shutters are automatic doors that are built for maximum protection against fire exposure. Click here to request a quote. Our 3 hour fire doors are engineered and tested to meet or exceed industry standards.

The features of these commercial coiling shutters make them excellent options for applications such as service counters, cafeteria counters and many more. Alpine’s 3 hour fire doors are approved for a smoke door in dividing fire walls with openings not exceeding 120 sq. ft. in area. This door also has an “S” rating for smoke leakage. Therefore, this door is able to prevent property damage and health risks that are usually associated with smoke. This smoke door can be manually or motor operated and operators can be adapted to specific conditions. These doors are built in accordance with the requirements specified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Alpine’s Auto-Smoke Fire-Shut® smoke door, commercial coiling shutters combine fire protection and service. Our 3 hour fire doors undergo several fire door tests to ensure optimal reliability during extended periods of exposure to fire. Alpine is sure to have a fire door to meet all of your needs! Below is a photo gallery with some examples of Alpine’s shutters.

Alpine’s Engineering team will help you determine the exact commercial coiling shutters that will meet your specifications and requirements. Alpine will guide you through every step with your 3 hour fire door. Alpine will design heavy duty steel rolling service doors that will bring years of usage.

Alpine’s commercial coiling shutters are tough enough to stand up to a lot of usage. This smoke door is built to last. Call Alpine today to find out which heavy duty steel rolling doors are right for you.