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Fire-Shut® Rolling Fire Shutter - Photo Gallery

Quality Overhead Steel Fire Shutters

Alpine’s Fire-Shut® is a roll up fire shutter that is designed to prevent the spread of fire or smoke between compartments. Click here to request a quote. This rolling fire shutter is meant to enable safe egress from a building, structure or ship. These overhead steel shutters are fire rated for up to 3 hours of protection by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. They are built in accordance with the requirements specified by U.L.

This rolling fire shutter is engineered and constructed to combine fire protection and service. Some features of Alpine’s Fire-Shut® include an upward coiling shutter that requires little side or head room and manual or motor operation. This roll up fire shutter is an excellent choice when looking for fire protection and security against theft and unauthorized entry. Alpine builds these overhead steel shutters to last and provide maximal protection against extended exposure to fire. These high quality doors are sure to meet you fire door needs.

Below is a gallery with examples of the Fire-Shut® rolling fire shutter. These are just a few examples of the many overhead steel shutters that Alpine has manufactured and installed in many industrial and commercial applications.