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Redi-Assist™ Manual Chain Hoists

  • Significantly improved control over conventional models 
  • Increases door longevity 
  • Prevents doors from racing and crashing to the floor
  • Reduces dangers of tangling and jamming chains
  • Decreases need to reset the chain
  • New or retrofit
Alpine Redi-Assist Chain Hoists

Alpine’s patented Redi-Assist™ manual chain hoists feature an adjustable braking mechanism for controlled descent of the door. Further, they have a fail safe override which will stop the door should the braking mechanism fail. 

This new line of innovative chain hoists comes in two models: 

Redi-Assist™ – may be used on new or retrofit rolling steel or sectional doors. It can be mounted directly to the wall, or with an auxiliary mounting bracket. 

Redi-Assist™ HD – designed specifically for rolling steel doors, and mounts directly to the end bracket/headplate. Both feature a high reduction ratio for larger/wider rolling doors.

U.S. Patent No. 11,339,610 B2 • International Patents Pending