Fire Shutters, counter shutters, rolling shutters

Alpines Counter Fire Door products have been UL classified and listed under the UL Product Category: Fire Shut Integral Frame Counter-Shutter Fire Door – GSVV.
Ratings : 1-1/2 HR, 3/4 HR.
Sizes : Face Mounted – 5’ Wide x 5’ High, Up to 51 sq ft.
Between Jambs – 10’ 10” Wide x 6’ 4” High, Up to 86 sq ft.
Alpines Fire-Shut door products also carry a 3 HR, 1-1/2 HR or 3/4 HR fire rating under UL File GSVV.
Sizes : Classified for openings up to 13’6” wide x 12’ high. Fire-Shut Doors as manufactured by Alpine are ideal for use in School Cafeteria’s, Office Windows, Healthcare Facilities, Hospitals and Airport Concession Displays where Fire protection is needed.

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