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Auto Fire-Tite® Roll Up Door

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The Auto Fire-Tite® roll up door is a high quality fire rated door. This automatic fire door is designed to prevent the spread of fire or smoke between compartments. Click here to request a quote. This vertical fire door is meant to enable safe egress from a building, structure or ship. These doors are built in accordance with requirements specified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. This ensures optimal protection and performance.

Alpine’s roll up door has the same features as the Fire-Tite® automatic fire door with controlled automatic closing by one of Alpine’s Redi-Reset Motors. The model for the motor can be FS, NFS, FDC or FDCL. The Redi-Reset feature saves time. This vertical fire door undergoes several fire tests in order to ensure reliability during extended periods of exposure to fire. These doors are engineered to meet or exceed industry standards.

The Auto Fire-Tite® automatic fire door is capable of being connected to smoke detectors and fire alarms as well as any building alarms. Alpine’s vertical fire door is a high quality door that is built for protection and durability. It is also offered at a competitive price.

Below is a photo gallery with some examples of the Auto Fire-Tite® roll up door. Also displayed are photos showing the tests and applications of this automatic fire door.