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Alpine® Smoke Fire-Tite® Smoke Shield Doors

Quality Smoke Sealed Doors

Alpine’s Smoke Fire-Tite® smoke shutter is designed to prevent the spread of smoke. Click here to request a quote on these rolling doors. These smoke shield doors have all of the features of the Fire-Tite® fire doors with an addition of an “S” rating for smoke door leakage. These are non-insulated and non-automatic smoke shield doors. For those options, please refer to our entire line of fire doors.

These Smoke Shield Doors, Smoke shutter, Smoke Door, fire doors and rolling doors are 3 hour approved for smoke shutter in dividing fire walls with openings not exceeding 120 sq. ft. in area. This smoke door can be finished with powder coating or baked enamel finishes of the typical Fire Tite, fire doors.

This Smoke Shield Doors, Smoke shutter, Smoke Door, fire doors, rolling doors undergoes several fire doors tests to ensure optimal reliability during extended periods of exposure to fire. Below is a photo gallery with some examples of smoke shield doors.

Another feature of the Smoke Shield Doors, Smoke shutter, Smoke Door, fire doors, rolling doors is that each one is equipped with a 22 gauge steel hood formed to fit the contour of the end brackets. Most importantly, on a smoke shield doors the vinyl smoke seal on the smoke door bottom bar and other features prevent property damage and lower health risks. If a larger door is required, look to the Fire Tite on the product index tab at the left of this page.

Alpine’s Engineering team will help you determine the exact smoke shield doors that will meet your specifications and requirements. Alpine will guide you through every step with your smoke shutter, smoke door. Alpine will design fire doors and rolling doors that will bring years of usage.

Alpine’s smoke shield doors, smoke shutter and smoke door is tough enough to stand up to a lot of usage. These fire doors are built to last. Call Alpine today to find out which rolling doors are right for your building.