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Auto Fire-Shut® Rolling Doors - Photo Gallery

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Alpine’s Auto Fire-Shut® roller shutters is an automatic fire door that provides maximum protection against extended fire exposure. Click here to request a quote. This 1 hour fire rated door has the same features as the Fire-Shut® with controlled automatic closing with one of Alpine’s Redi-Reset® motors, hand chain or hand crank options. The Redi-Reset® option excludes the necessity for a manual reset following drop testing or activation, which allows for ease of use.

This fire door is  a quality fire door that is built for long-term use and durability. They can be connected to smoke detectors and fire alarms as well as any building alarms. The Auto Fire-Shut® door is labeled as a 1 hour fire rated door up to a 3 hour fire door. These roller shutters are labeled by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and NYC MEA. This fire door is built in accordance with requirements specified by U.L.

The Auto Fire-Shut® 1 hour fire rated door is ideal for pass through openings such as service counters, concession stands and many other applications. Below you will find a photo gallery that showcases these roller shutters. They are just a few examples of the many fire doors Alpine has manufactured.

Alpine offers a variety of rolling fire doors, that will protect your storefront. Call our knowledgeable team today to find out which roll up gate meets your criteria. Your storefront can be safe and secure with these fire shutters.

Alpine will professionally engineer each and every Roller Shutters, 1 Hour Fire Rated Shutter and Fire Door to meet the most stringent requirements.