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IMB-V5 Thermal Rated Doors - Photo Gallery

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The IMB-V5 high speed door is a quality insulated door that is sure to protect against the harshest weather conditions. Click here to request a quote. These stainless steel doors and thermal rated doors are built for high performance and durability.The features of this insulated door make it an excellent choice for loading docks, healthcare facilities, educational facilities and many other applications.

They are constructed with a metal on metal insulated slat that has polystyrene insulation. The minimum thickness of the insulation for this high speed door is 5/8”. Slats are available in 22, 20 and 18 gauge steel with a backing of 24, 22, or 20 gauge steel and B.S. Aluminum. In these times of rising energy costs, Alpine provides these thermal rated doors and stainless steel doors to combat thermal losses. The transmittance factor for these thermal rated doors is very low. Alpine’s stainless steel doors are engineered and tested to meet or exceed industry standards.

Below is a photo gallery that showcases some examples of the high speed door. Alpine has manufactured and installed these roll up doors in a wide array of applications.