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IMB-V5 - Insulated Dock Doors

IMB-V5 Insulated Dock Doors

Product Features

  • Insulated doors with metal backing
  • Increased thermal protection, fully weatherstripped
  • This dock door has an R-Value of 6.82
  • 5/8″ thick polystyrene slats

In the time of rising energy costs, Alpine recognizes the need for better protection against the elements. To help combat this problem, Alpine offers the IMB-V5 insulated roller shutter design. Insulated  fire doors offer thermal efficiency to help you save on expensive energy costs. The IMB-V5® insulated dock door is designed specifically to provide energy efficiency and insulation. These insulated fire doors utilize a heat resistant polystyrene with a low thermal transmittance factor.

The insulated fire door is constructed with a metal on metal insulated slat that has a polystyrene insulation a minimum of 5/8″ thick for the IMB-V5®. Slats are available in 24 or 22 gauge steel with a backing of 24 or 22 gauge steel and B.S. Aluminum in 22, 20 front slat insulation of these dock doors fills all voids for better thermal protection.

IMB-V5 Curtain