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Dawn 3" Door - Security Mall Doors

Product Features 

  • Mall doors are great for store gates, warehouse entrances and indoor/outdoor flea markets.  
  • This mall door incorporates a 3″ interlocking curve slat design. 
  • The Dawn 3” Door® consists of a flat blue spring steel wrapped around a 2″ pipe shaft, mounted to a spring box
  • Our mall doors are built in accordance with the requirements specified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc

Alpine’s mall doors are designed for both security and easy operation. Our mall doors are trouble free, thus minimal maintenance is  required. This mall door has been proven for use on thousands of installations for either business or industry. Alpine Dawn 3″ Door® mall door incorporates a 3″ interlocking curved slat design. This mall door can be either manually or motor operated. The Dawn 3″ Door® includes a 24 gauge hood, which can be either galvanized or paint-primed. Locking choices include Hasp-pin type for use with padlocks, or optional LOC-TITE or slide bolts. 

If you own or manage a business with a storefront and are situated in high traffic area or where street shoppers are passing your location, this stainless steel door is for you! Undoubtedly, this mall door will secure your store while still attracting buyers for your products. With a solid mall door, your storefront cannot continuously advertise products while closed. Therefore, we offer you our high-quality mall door with see-through perforated solutions. Contact one of our service representatives who can consult you with your mall door needs.

In addition, you will receive expert advice on roll up steel door products that are proven to work. Most importantly, this allows you to make the right choice. Our products will allow you to showcase your storefronts while protecting your interior assets from break-ins or vandalism.

Without doubt, Alpine is an industry leader that offers clients numerous benefits from both years of experience and manufacturer’s excellence. Additionally, your purchase is backed by a product warranty, which includes glass. Accordingly, one of our mottos is, “If its glass, we’ve got it covered.” We pride ourselves on our high standards and success in protecting storefronts from both vandalism and break-ins. So, our mall doors will help you protect your bottom line and minimize concerns by knowing your storefront is safe and secure.

Our wide range of Exo-Shield powder coat come in an array of shades, colors, and textures, which will further enhance your mall door. The wide variety of options is sure to suit any decor. With this intention, we will complement the aesthetic of any business. Whether your project is big or small, Alpine Overhead Doors has a range of mall doors as well as expertise to provide you with the products and service that you need.


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3″ Curved Slats