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Alpine offers optional motorized operators for your rolling doors and counter shutters. These convenient coiling door operators are UL listed, reliable and efficient service door operators that make it easy and safe to raise or lower your doors and shutters.

Operator Models:


  • Alpine’s Redi-Master is a heavy industrial-duty, gear reduce hoist operator. Its features include a reduction unit comprised of a heavy-duty worme in an oil bath unit.
  • The standard horsepower of the Redi-Master steel door operator is 1/2 and has a maximum of 5 horsepower.
  • The Redi-Master includes a hand chain, a maintenance alert system, and a maximum run timer that automatically stops the door if it moves longer than its preset cycle time.
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  • Alpine’s Redi-Hoist is a medium-duty, belt drive hoist operator with an auxiliary chain hoist. 
  • It has a maximum 1/2 horsepower and it is available for use on doors up to 10′ by 10′. 
  • The Redi­Hoist electric gate operator comes with an emergency floor disconnect for manual operation by hand chain.
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  • Alpine’s Redi-Lift is an industrial-duty, V-belt hoist operator that is available for doors up to 12′ by 12′. 
  • Includes a hand chain, a maintenance alert system, and a maximum run timer that automatically stops the door if it moves longer than its preset cycle time. 
  • This electric gate operator is available up to 1 horsepower.
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  • Alpine’s Redi-Tube is a tubular metal door motor with a built-in Handcrank overdrive. 
  • Designed for use on small rolling grilles and counter shutters where a manual chain hoist is not required.
  • It has the option for an auxiliary chain hoist and has a limit switch capacity for up to 40 revolutions. 
  • The Redi-Tube is available for use on doors measuring up to 10′ by 8′.
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  • Alpine’s Redi-Shut is a UL Listed, gear reduced jackshaft door operator with a high starting torque. 
  • This roller shutter operator has full overload protection and is removable without affecting limit switch settings. 
  • These door operating devices come with a 3-button station, 1-button station, automatic closing timer and all types of access control equipment.
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Redi-Robot Server Shutter Motor


  • This model has been discontinued. Please see other models, or consult factory for assistance with selecting the best operator for your application.

Redi-Reset – Automatic Releasing Fire Door Closing Operators

  • UL listed service door operators.
  • High starting torque, continuous duty industrial motor.
  • Motor overload protection Low voltage control circuit, 24 VAC.
  • NEMA 1 control station with OPEN/CLOSE/STOP.
  • Type C2 wiring standard.
  • The limit adjustments of the coiling door operators are made with a linear driven, fully adjustable screw type cams.
  • Optional Reversing Edge is made up from an electric or pneumatic sensing device which is attached to the bottom edge of the door.
  • Motor Voltage listed as 115, 220, 230 at Single Phase. Also, 230, 460, and 575 at Three Phase.
  • Heavy Duty bronze worm gear reducer. 40:1 Reduction.
  • Output shaft speed is rated at 43 RPM.
  • Door speed is between 4-10 inches per second of travel.
  • Hoist wheel of the motorized operators is mounted on either the left or right side.
  • The optional clutch is the adjustable torque limiter type on these service door operators.
  • Safety enhanced by the use of a floor level chain hoist equipped with an electrical interlock for emergency manual door operation of these coiling door operators.