Alpine® Redi-Reset™ Operators

Efficient Redi-Reset™ Fire Door Closing Systems

Automatic closing fire protection

No need to reset spring tension or re-engage the electric motor operator after testing these fire door motor operators

Normal or automatic speed is consistently controlled on the motor operated door for safer exiting

The MM Redi-Reset fire door operator uses highly efficient planetary gearing which can be driven backward or forwards.

 Fire Door motor Operator, Motor Operated Door, Electric Motor Operator

A centrifugal governor and constant hold break upon release and automatically allows the fire door motor operators to close in the event of:

Power Failure
Fire Alarm Signal
Break of Fusible Link
Activation of True-Test Panel

Our Redi-Reset electric motor operator system is built into our Auto Fire-Tite and Fire-Shut doors. The system never needs to be mechanically reset and features easy system testing at the floor level. The MM fire door operator utilized highly efficient planetary gearing. It boasts UL listed thermal overload protection, electric brake and rotary limit switches, transformer with 24 volt secondary. All components of the motor operated door are pre-wired to terminal block. Fire door motoroperators are standard configured as non-fail safe (MMN). Please note that fail safe (MMF) is optional.

Automatic resetting of the closing system will save building owners testing and resetting costs.

Fire Door Listing, UL Classified 4 HR, 3 HR, 1-1/2 HR, 1 HR and 3/4 HR labels and Factory Mutual Approval. (See FM Approval Guide). Also, the coiling fire doors can be designed to meet specific PSF wind load requirements.

Horsepower of the Motor Operated Door: 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, 1-1/2, 2, 3, 5
Voltage of Electric Motor Operator: 110, 220/230, 460

MM-31 1/3 110 1 6.0 100
MM-32 1/3 220 1 3.0 100
MM-33 1/3 260 3 2.5 100
MM-34 1/3 460 3 1.5 100



Optional Obstruction Sensing Edge


The MT21 pressure sensitive electric edge is custom manufactured to your exact specifications for length, width, height and sensitivity. When touched lightly or at an angle, the MT21 will send an immediate electrical signal to your controls and fire door motor operators to stop, and/or reverse operations. It is completely flexible and will contour curved surfaces.

 Fire Door motor Operator, Motor Operated Door, Electric Motor Operator