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Quality Rolling Steel Doors

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Alpine® Redi-Fast®

High Speed Door Operator

Redi-Fast High Speed Rolling Door Operator


  • Continuous duty cycle direct drive motor system available in 230V 3Ø 50/60hz, 460V 3Ø 50/60hz. Or 575V 3Ø 50/60hz. Available from .075HP to 7HP
  • Power electronic dynamic braking with solenoid mechanical brake. No sprockets or roller chains required 
  • Emergency chain hoist electrically interlocked for emergency operation upon the event of a power outage
  • Provided with overload protection
  • Horsepower as required by the manufacturer
  • Soft start and soft stop at both ends of Limit Travel 
  • Digital limit for electronic limit adjustment
  • Control enclosure (detachable) with Plug and Play connection for: 
    • Safety Entrapment Devices
    • Control Panel
    • Motor Connection
  • Wall Mounted NEMA4X control anel with self-diagnostic display which scrolls for initial set-up, adjustment controls, and reporting of errors eliminating the need to open the control box. Using control panels that requires opening to make changes will not be acceptable

Safety Entrapment Protection: 

  • NEMA4X photo eye sensors mounted to the guides 6” above the finished floor that project an IR beam across the width of the door. The breaking or interruption of the beam while the door is in motion will immediately stop downward travel and reverse the door to re-open to the top limit. 
  • Redi-Reverse Light Curtain consists of a 6’0” high light curtain integral to the guides. If an object passes through the light curtain during downward travel, the door will reverse to the open direction and come to rest upon reaching the open limit. 


  • Maintenance Cycle Counter: Adjustable maintenance cycle counter makes it possible to pre-adjust a max number of cycles until maintenance is due. This can be adjusted from 1,000 up to 99,000 cycles in 1,000 cycle increments.
  • Optional Hand Crank In lieu of Standard Emergency Hand Chain Hoist
  • Redi-Safe integrated catching device prevents load from falling. Capable of moving 221LB-inch@140RPM to 44254LB-inch @10RPM. Hollow shaft available from 1’ to 4”