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Redi-Master Gear Reduced Hoist Door Operator Features And Characteristics


  • These hoist operators are UL listed motors.
  • High starting torque, continuous duty Hoist Operators, Roller Door Operator, UL Listed motors.
  • Motor overload protection Low voltage control circuit, 24 VAC.
  • NEMA 1 control station with OPEN/CLOSE/STOP.
  • Type C2 wiring standard.
  • The limit adjustments are made with a linear driven, fully adjustable screw type cams.
  • Optional Reversing Edge is made up from an electric or pneumatic sensing device which is attached to the bottom edge of the door.
  • Motor Voltage listed as 115, 220, 230 at Single Phase. Also, 230, 460, and 575 at Three Phase.


  • Heavy Duty bronze worm gear reducer. 40:1 Reduction.
  • Output shaft speed is rated at 43 RPM.
  • This UL Listed motors have speed that is between 4-10 inches per second of travel.
  • Hoist operators wheel is mounted on either the left or right side.
  • The optional clutch of these hoist operators is the adjustable torque limiter type.
  • Safety enhanced by the use of a floor level chain hoist equipped with an electrical interlock for emergency manual door operation.
  • The Redi-Reset-MC chain smoke door operator is designed for use on Alpine fire Doors. This cable release safely control fire door closing speeds and eliminates the dangers associated with resetting spring tension as with a conventional chain or crank operator.

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Alpine has a wide array of options for a roller door operator. Alpine’s UL listed motors are constructed with the highest quality material and the latest in technical innovation to ensure that each operator exceeds the requirements it is meant to achieve. Alpine is sure to have an operator that will meet all your individual specifications.

Alpine’s winning team of employees work diligently with the customers beyond the sale of our roller door operator. We show our customers that their satisfaction is our top priority. Alpine’s quality and workmanship is proven throughout the door industry. Our hands-on approach to every job ensures customer satisfaction.

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