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Redi-Reset® FDC

FDC-Motor with Fail Safe

FDC system eliminates the difficulty of mechanical resetting

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Redi-Reset FDC - Fail Safe Motor Operator



  • UL listed. FM Approved.
  • High starting torque motor with overload protection.
  • Type B2 control wiring standard.
  • Low voltage control circuit, 24 VAC
  • Long-life dry type motor capacitor.
  • NEMA 1, Three Button Control Station which includes OPEN/CLOSE/ STOP.
  • Limit Adjustments are Linear Driven with screw type cams.
  • 24 VDC electromagnetic disc brake.
  • This automatic closing door has thermal sensors.


  • Gear reducers are Helical inline, oil bath permanently lubricated, non-vented.
  • Continuous power output at a speed of 36 rpm.
  • Output torque rated at 658 in-lbs.
  • Voltage ranges from 115/230 Single Phase through 230/460 Three Phase.
  • Motor Type is a continuous duty providing a horsepower output ratng of
  • 1725 RPM.
  • The duty cycle is rated at 25 Reversing cycles per hour.
  • The motor, electrical enclosure and control station are rated NEMA1.

Alpine’s FM Approved Redi-Reset FDC system and fail-safe operator incorporates a fire door operator to provide automatic fire door closing while eliminating the difficulties of mechanical resetting. The Redi-Reset FDC systems are available for use with rolling fire doors and rolling fire counter shutters.

Normally, Redi-Reset FDC systems for an automatic closing door function as standard motorized doors with push button activation and are capable of closing the door in the event of a fire emergency. Central alarm systems or local fire detectors can be wired directly to the Redi-Reset FDC operator in order to signal the door to close when there is an alarm signal. This eliminates the need for an external mechanical releasing device.

Doors are designed to automatically close by power failure; high temperature detection at the opening from fusible links or electrical thermal sensors or by an active alarm signal. Operator units that utilize back-up battery support can remain open and fire ready during prolonged power outages and can still close the door in the event of an alarm signal or high temperature detection. Due to the automatic closing feature of these systems, a bottom bar sensing edge is required for detection of an obstruction in the door opening.

The FM Approved Redi-Reset FDC fail-safe operator system will never need to be mechanically reset. The operator closes the fire door without releasing any spring tension or disengaging the motor operator from the unit. The Redi-Reset FDC operator closes the door electrically or mechanically at an average rate of speed of not more than 9” per second.

These operators are fail-safe by design which means they are capable of responding to an alarm signal to close the door even in the event of a power failure. If any of the following alarm conditions are present – restoration of power, cleaning the alarm signal, replacing the fusible link or resetting the thermal sensors – simple activation of the “open” control station at floor level resets the door. The operator is once again ready for normal or alarm activation.

All the above features make the Redi-Reset FDC operator system for an automatic closing door an ideal choice when used for larger size fire doors, fire rated units in recessed applications, units in areas susceptible to frequent power outages or any application where mechanical testing and resetting is not practical.

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