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Redi-Reset® MC Chain

MC-Chain with Cable Release

An ideal choice for a fail-safe device providing a 10 second delay before full door closure.

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  • UL Classified, CSA Certified. 
  • High starting torque motor with overload protection.
  • Excellent fire protection.
  • Doors are easily lowered using the combination closure and drop test cable.
  • Automatic closure occurs when the fusible link melts at 165 degrees F.
  • The smoke door operator is easily connected to smoke detectors or central fire alarm systems.


  • Fail-safe device provides for a 10 second delay before full door closure.
  • Door closes at a rate of 9 inches per second.
  • After testing, only the fusible link or release device must be reset.
  • Closing and drop testing controlled by a cable located at floor level.
  • Governor provides a consistent door closing speed.

The Redi-Reset-MC chain smoke door operator is designed for use on Alpine fire Doors. This cable release safely control fire door closing speeds and eliminates the dangers associated with resetting spring tension as with a conventional chain or crank operator.

Brake release activation of the roll up door operator allows the door to close while routinely testing the governing closing system. Normal or automatic closing speed of the door is safely controlled and will not exceed 9” per second. The fusible link activation is standard and alarm activation with the use of a fail-safe release device is available as an option.

The Redi-Reset-MC chain operator is available for fire doors up to 30’ wide by 24’ high. This operator is highly recommended for fire doors that are installed and have exposed guides. The smoke door operator will safely stop the door curtain at any position and will not backwind. Costly power wiring to the opening is not required. A major benefit with the Redi-Reset-MC roll up door operator is that after the fire door closes upon receipt of a signal from a fusible link or an alarm activation there is no need to adjust the spring for the spring tension is never released.

Any downtime associated with the testing of this cable release is minimal. The fire doors are easily reset to the open position within minutes by facility personnel.

Note: The Alpine Redi-Reset II Manual Chain Operator is compatible with Alpine’s Auto Fire-Tite, Auto Fire-Shut, Auto Smoke Fire-Tite, Auto Fire-Tite® Hi-Rise, and Auto Fire-Storm® Model Doors.