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Redi-Reset® NF

NF Non-Fail Safe Fusible Link Release / Sash Chain

An ideal choice for a highly dependable automatic closing device

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Redi-Reset NF Fusible Link Door Operator


  • UL Classified, CSA Certified. 
  • High starting torque motor with overload protection.
  • Excellent fire protection.
  • Doors are easily lowered using the combination closure and drop test cable.
  • Automatic closure occurs when the fusible link melts at 165 degrees F.
  • The smoke door operator is easily connected to smoke detectors or central fire alarm systems.

The Alpine Redi-Reset-NF rolling door operator provides high quality automatic fire door closing control and eliminates the hassle of mechanical resetting. This operator system is available for both fire doors and counter fire doors. The Redi-Reset-NF never needs to be mechanically reset. The operator will close the fire door without releasing spring tension or disengaging the motor operator. The closing speed of the fire door will not exceed 9″ per second.

Redi-Reset-NF operator system utilizes a fusible link release device which is connected to a sash chain. Because of this automatic closing feature, a sensing edge is required to react to a possible obstruction in the opening. After the alarm systems are cleared and power is restored, the resetting of the non-fail safe release is completed at floor level with the touch of the “open” button on the control station. The fire door is now ready for both normal and or emergency operation.

A key benefit of the Redi-Reset-NF rolling door operators is that it can be activated by a fusible link or thermal sensors, fire alarm systems or smoke detectors without the need for a mechanical release device. Door operator testing is completed quickly and easily.

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