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Alpine® Industrial Grille® Stainless Steel Shutter

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Alpine’s  Industrial-Grille®  rolling grille doors are perfect for parking garage doors and parking gates. These operable partitions are built for applications where performance is a priority, such as parking gates. 

These doors are designed for security and easy operation. Alpine also offers this parking gate as a stainless grille.  The superior construction and quality materials utilized by Alpine guarantee a long life for all of our rolling grille doors with limited maintenance.

These operable partitions have curtains that consist of solid 5/16″ hot-dipped galvanized solid steel rods covered with PVC sleeves connected with vertical aluminum links. The standard brick pattern or an optional straight pattern or in stainless grille are also available. The open curtain feature of this grille maintains security but allows for air to circulate.

Above are examples of Alpine’s rolling grille doors, parking garage doors and parking gates.

These rolling grille doors can be manually or motor operated. There is the option for this parking garage door to have a stainless steel rod and links. Alpine is a quality direct manufacturer of operable partitions and parking garage doors. Alpine’s Industrial-Grille® can meet all of your garage door and rolling  steel shutter needs. We are dedicated to helping you find a grille or stainless grille that will meet all your specifications. Call Alpine today and speak with our parking garage doors and parking gate experts.