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Rolling Metal Doors | Why I Should Use Rolling Metal Doors?

Rolling metal doors offer an excellent combination of security, strength, and convenience to any business. They are ideal for a warehouse, loading dock, or even a storefront. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder these types of doors have become so popular. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using rolling steel doors.

They Are Easy to Deal With

Unlike a section door, rolling steel doors are built for optimal ease. Section doors have as many as 40 moving parts that can accumulate dirt and debris. Rolling doors are constructed of flat or curved interlocking 3″ slats that form a curtain. The slats are often made of heavier gauge material than the panels on traditional sectional steel garage doors.

They Take Up Less Space

When it comes to having a warehouse, loading dock, or any kind of commercial property that utilize rolling doors, space is crucial. The more space taken up by the door, the less space that can be used for business purposes. Rolling steel doors mount to the walls. This eliminates the need to connect to the ceiling, thus taking up less space.

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They Are Easier to Repair

With sectional doors, if the door is in need of repair it can take up to two weeks to have the door fixed. With a rolling steel door, there are extra slats that come with the door. As a result, the door can be fully fixed in a last little as 30 minutes.

Are You Interested in Rolling Steel Doors?

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