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Rolling Counter Shutters | Fashion and Function

Our interior rolling counter shutters are the perfect combination between function and aesthetic for any interior office or retail counter. You can have a great looking shutter door while also keeping the aspects of security that come with steel shutters. Our use of different glossy color, as well as pine slats instead of steel, makes us the best choice for your interior shutters.

Where can I find stylish counter shutters?


Indoor Aesthetic


Plain steel doors can stick out like a sore thumb inside of a clean office setting, so choosing the right door is important. That’s why we offer our doors in different colors and materials to blend in with any interior décor. Our wooden rolling counter shutters are perfect for any front office or retail. Alpine uses glossy paint in almost any primary color or out of beautifully finished slats of pine.



Purpose and Function


Just because these are interior doors doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice function or security. Our interior doors are still made of the strongest materials and are perfect for securely separating sensitive indoor areas. Using stainless steel slats, our doors are made to stand up to the elements outdoors, making them perfect for indoor security as well. If our doors can stand up to snow, rain, and wind then they will last a lifetime inside your office.



Counter Shutters


No one wants a clunky steel door inside of their business, especially in an area designed for customers. That’s why Alpine makes rolling counter shutters with design in mind, so you have the same level of security inside or out. Call us for a quote on your next big project!


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