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Fire Shutters | Safety for your Space

When it comes to safety for your commercial space, fire shutters are the best option for containment. By investing in the best safety equipment for your business, you can ensure the safety of your workers.

Where can I get Fire Shutters ?

Fire Safety


All of Alpine’s doors are constructed to withstand 3 hours of direct heat and built to the requirements of Underwriter Laboratories. We pride ourselves in making doors that you can trust in the event of an emergency. Locking fire shutters can also be provided depending on the type of shutter operation. The Redi-Release series release devices are the ideal safety option for fire resistant doors. Our automatic doors are able to respond to emergency conditions generated by manual or automatic initiating devices that are normally closed and are designed to be used in conjunction with a temperature fuse link system.


Our Process


These doors are ideal for all pass-through openings such as service counters and concession stands. Our doors are also offered at a competitive price and provide protection against extended periods of fire exposure. The interlocking steel, stainless steel, or prime painted slats of overhead steel shutters maintain the aesthetic harmony of any building decor. Most importantly, Alpine counter shutters also provide excellent protection against fire, theft, and unauthorized entry.


Fire Shutters


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