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Insulated Doors Offer Thermal Protection

Alpine’s overhead rolling steel insulated doors have been precisely engineered and fabricated to insure that no damage can result to your products when they are in an environment confronted with heavy rain, snow storms, and icy/freezing cold weather conditions. Inclement weather is no match for Alpine’s overhead rolling steel insulated doors, as they offer superior protection from the elements. The slats on our insulated doors are insulated with polystyrene to fight the cold. Additionally, the Alpine insulated curtains and guides do not allow poor weather to penetrate their shield of protection when assembled to your store front or warehouse door enclosure/opening.

Each insulated overhead rolling steel door has successfully been tested in an Underwriters Laboratory , (U.L.), during full exposure to heavy rain, heavy snow and icing conditions for a 24 hour testing period.  At the completion of this U.L. testing process the Alpine doors allowed egress in the upward and downward range of motion.

The Alpine overhead rolling steel insulated doors also have been engineered as a sound barrier thereby there use and effectiveness in minimizing noise from heavy machinery and equipment is a very positive outcome for the surrounding community where your factory is located. Patented Insulated Sound Barrier PVC Back slats are utilized to provide a full noise reduction STC rating of 30

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See the source imageinsulated doors are impervious to the cold


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