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Overhead Coiling Door | 3 Ways to Maintain Your Overhead Door

Most likely, your rolling doors are used every day. This means it’s crucial to perform proper maintenance on your industrial door regularly, in order to keep it functioning at its best. Performing regular maintenance on your rolling door also promotes safety and can save you money in the long run. Check out these three ways to maintain your Overhead Coiling Door!


Visual Inspection

You can conduct a visual inspection of your garage door yourself. Examine your door and keep an eye out for any worn cables, frayed wires, or connections that are rusted, or damaged. If something looks loose, rusted, or damaged, chances are it needs to be repaired.


Consider Performing a Balance Test

In order to perform a balance test, close the door and disconnect the system. From there, attempt to lift the door manually. You should be able to be open it with ease and it should stay open on its own. If you have a difficult time opening the door, or it doesn’t stay open, there could be a bigger issue.


Make Sure to Lubricate Moving Parts

It’s important to lubricate the metallic moving parts of your door, to keep your door functioning properly. Do not lubricate the plastic areas. If you are unsure how to lubricate your garage door, reference your owner’s manual.


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