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IMB-V7 - Insulated Roll Up Door

IMB-V7 Insulated Roll-Up Door

Product Features

  • Insulated roll up door with metal backing
  • Provides increased thermal protection
  • Fully weather-stripped
  • R-Value of 8.01, STC Rating of 26
  • 7/8″ thick polystyrene
  • Optional polyurethane insulation
IMB-V7 Insulated Roll-Up Door
With Optional Vision Lites

Benefits of an Insulated Roll Up Door 

Insulated doors offer a variety of benefits over conventional models including: 

  • Improved security – insulated slats are twice as thick compared to standard slats, increasing overall protection for your facility.
  • Decreased energy costs – insulated service doors help maintain the inside temperature, reducing monthly heating and cooling bills.
  • More environmentally friendly – by utilizing less energy, you are reducing your overall carbon footprint.
  • Noise control – the polystyrene insulation offers sound dampening qualities helping to reduce external noises from coming in.

How Much Does an Insulated Roll-Up Door Cost?

There are several factors that contribute the upfront cost of an insulated service door. Primary drivers of cost include the material and thickness of the curtain, type of insulation, operator selection, and finish options. Material can be either stainless steel or aluminum. Insulation options include polystyrene as standard, or foamed in place CFC and HCFC free polyurethane. While foamed in place increases the cost, it also contributes to the insulative properties of the door, as well as the environmental benefits. For upfront costs, an insulated door is on average 60-70% higher than a comparable non-insulated door.

However, when evaluating an insulated door vs non-insulated, you must consider the lifetime cost of the door, not just the initial investment. Energy savings over time can add up considerably. Of course, the total savings will depend on several variables such as the size of your facility, how often the door is cycled, and which door construction options are selected.

Insulated Door Overview:

In response to these times of rising energy costs, Alpine has designed and built an insulated roll up door that provides better protection against the elements. To help businesses cut down on energy costs, Alpine offers our IMB insulated roll up door design. IMB-V7® insulated roll down door is designed specifically to provide energy efficiency, utilizing a heat resistant polystyrene insulation with a low thermal transmittance factor. These fast acting doors can be utilized as an insulated sound door as well as other applications.

The metal on metal insulated slat has polystyrene insulation that is a minimum of 7/8″ thick. Slats are available in 22, 20, 18, and 16 gauge steel with a backing of 24, 22, or 20 gauge steel and also available in B.S. Aluminum. Polystyrene slat insulation offers maximum thermal protection. They can be push-up, hand-crank, hand-chain or motor operated. All operators can be adapted to specific conditions for your insulated roll down door.

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