Alpine® Dawn Grille® Motor Operators




  • 115V, 60 Hz, single phase
  • This metal grille motor is U.L. Classified
  • Thermal protection
  • Maximum continuous running time: 5 minutes
  • Light duty cycle (6 cycles/hr)
  • This roller grille operator has 2 3/8″ fixed central shaft and adapters for smaller diameters
  • Limit switch capacity of 11 revolutions
The Redi-Central™ Box Spring Motor is used for the motor operation of Alpine’s Dawn 4″ Door® and Dawn Grille®. This metal grille motor is used on storefronts, warehouse entrances and indoor/outdoor flea markets. The Redi-Central™ Box Spring Motor produced by this gate operator manufacturer combines with our Dawn 4″ Series to offer an economical security door with the convenience of motor operation.

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