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Fire Shutters | Benefits of Fire Shutters

Fire shutters have a ton of different practical uses and are usually all around us. Airports, banks. factories, and car parks all use some form of these shutters. They are used to protect the contents and more. Why should you think about getting fire shutters for your home or business? This blog should answer those questions.

Protection from Fires

Obviously, fire shutters protect from fires and smoke damage. Typically they offer anywhere from one to four hours of protection from an open fire. The shutters are designed to automatically close when a fire or smoke is detected in an area. This is to protect whatever is inside the fire shutters. It is popular amongst storefronts, factories, and banks as extra insurance against fire damage but they also serve another purpose.

Added Security from Theft

They are not just used to protect against fires and smoke but also theft. Fire curtains offer similar fire and smoke protection but are not as sturdy as fire shutters. The shutters can be closed when the business isn’t in operation to prevent access to the storefront. Given how secure they are, businesses can rest easy when it comes to both fire and theft.

How They Operate

Given how the shutters are primarily used to protect against fires, they are typically wired to respond to the first signs of smoke. They can be activated by a thermal fusible link or linked to the building’s fire alarm system. When they are activated, they will close by themselves on a controlled descent.

Why do I need fire shutters?

Looking for Fire Shutters?

Fire shutters are crucial for the safety of your home or business from fires and theft. If you are looking for these products, contact us today to discuss the possibilities. Alpine Overhead Doors is your destination for all rolling doors.


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