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Security Doors | What Type of Door is Right for You

Have you been thinking about getting a security door for your business or home but gotten lost in the shuffle of what each option can offer you? Fear not because we can help you make that decision. Choosing the right type of coiling doors can be difficult depending on what you need it for.

Rolling Service Doors

Rolling service doors are the most basic type of coiling door. They normally come in various sizes and materials. They are almost always motor operated, roll overhead, and comply with building code. This commercial overhead door should meet all of your coiling door needs.

Insulated/Sounds Resistant Doors

Insulated and sound resistant doors are very similar to rolling service doors. The only difference is the insulation of the door. Sounds resistant doors would come in handy if you wanted to muffle the noise from your business’ workshop or garage. Insulated doors are also good for keeping the elements out. If you live in an area that faces harsh temperatures, insulated doors would be a good way to ensure the temperature in the area stays the same.

Hurricane/Tornado Door

Hurricane/tornado doors (also known as storm doors) are crucial if you live in an area that is hit by high winds often. These doors are not only incredibly strong but can also be fire resistant as well. They are a good investment on the off chance that a gigantic storm or fire could hit your home or business.

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Looking for Help with Coiling Doors?

Knowing which coiling door is right for you can be tough, so contact us today to help you select the right one. Alpine Overhead Doors is your destination for all the questions you could have about coiling doors.


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