Alpine® Smoke Fire-Storm® IMB Smoke-Proof Door

Advanced Windstorm Resistant Insulated Fire Doors

Below you will find comprehensive storm door drawing details for our hurricane door featuring important operation details for using hand chain, hand crank, or motor operation. Click here to request a quote on these rolling doors. AutoCAD drawings and AutoCAD details for this smoke-proof door may be selected on the CAD FILES option to the right. The AutoCAD storm door drawing details for the hurricane door comply with 08360, 08400 & 08330 construction specs. The drawing details available for Alpine’s Smoke Fire-Storm® IMB rolling doors have several mounting options, including face mounted to steel, masonry, or between jamb mounted.

Alpine’s Smoke Fire-Storm® IMB smoke-proof door is a high quality fire door that is designed to prevent the spread of smoke. They are a hurricane door that is Dade County, Florida approved for high winds up to 187mph and Underwriters Laboratories Inc. for fire protection. This smoke-proof door is a combination of the features of the Redi-Storm® and Fire-Tite® rolling doors models.

To download Hurricane Door, Smoke-Proof Door – Storm Door Drawing Details(PDF), please click below.

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Hurricane Door, Smoke-Proof Door - Storm Door Drawing Details, rolling doors
Hurricane Door, Smoke-Proof Door - Storm Door Drawing Details, rolling doors
  • Between Jamb Mounted
  • Not available but may be mounted to I-beam or steel tubes

The Smoke Fire-Storm® rolling doors AutoCAD drawing details are for informational purposes. They may change at any time. The CAD detail and CAD drawing reflect the options that are available to the architects and engineers compiling an AutoCAD drawing to present to contractors.  The AutoCAD detail and AutoCAD drawing will be updated regularly. Alpine’s hurricane door is built to last.

Alpine’s Engineering team will help you determine the exact rolling doors that will meet your specifications and requirements. Alpine will guide you through every step with your hurricane door and smoke-proof door with our storm door drawing details. Alpine will design rolling doors that will bring years of usage.

Alpine’s hurricane door and smoke-proof door is tough enough to stand up to a lot of usage. These rolling doors are built to last.

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