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Alpine® Fire-Shut® Exterior Fire Shutter

Traditionally Designed Fire Shutter

Below you will find comprehensive drawing details for our coiling fire shutter and exterior fire shutters featuring important operation details for using hand chain, hand crank, or motor operation. Click here for Coiling Fire Shutters quote. AutoCAD drawings and AutoCAD details for our Coiling Fire Shutter may be selected on the CAD FILES option to the right. The AutoCAD drawings and AutoCAD details for the coiling fire shutters comply with 08360, 08400 & 08330 construction specs. The drawing details available for Alpine’s Fire-Shut® also comprises several mounting options, including face mounted to steel, masonry, or between jamb mounted.

Alpine’s Fire-Shut® Coiling Fire Shutter can be used as an exterior fire shutter and is a non-insulated fire rated door. They are built in accordance with requirements specified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. These doors are ideal for all pass through openings such as service counters and concession stands. They are offered at a competitive price and are sure to provide protection against extended periods of fire exposure. For wooden counter shutters or industrial grilles, please refer to the product index.

To download Details (PDF) for coiling fire shutters, please click below.

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 Here are the Drawing Details for exterior fire shutters.
Face Mounted to Masonry
Face Mounted to Steel
Between Tube Mounted