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Insul-Sound® - Sound Resistant Doors

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Product Features

  • Specially constructed industrial doors for sound insulation
  • Made with hard, weather resistant plastic backing R-Value of 8.0
  • For use in sound stages and recording studios
  • STC of 30
  • Internal hood baffle prevents weather infiltration through header
  • Available for custom windload designs
  • Torsion spring counterbalance assembly

Alpine introduces sound resistant doors, Insul-Sound® a sound absorbent, noise reducer, and sound barrier roller shutters. These sound resistant doors and high speed doors have new slats that provide for a full thermal break between the inside and outside of the slat. The back of these industrial doors is made of hard, weather resistant PVC. The inside of these sound resistant shutters provide a full sound barrier for thermal protection. The front slat is available in 22, 20, and 18 gauge steel or B.S. Aluminum with a variety of finishes. 

Alpine’s patented Insul-Sound® roller shutters design allows for the manufacturing of coiling sound resistant doors that are unmatched in the industry.

Alpine Insul-Sound® sound resistant doors and curtains consist of 2 3/4″ flat slats, snap on roll formed from galvanized, optional stainless steel, or aluminum in gauges from 22 gauge to 18 gauge with a noise reduction, sound barrier snap on PVC and insulated core backing. Industrial doors can be push-up, hand-crank, hand-chain or motor operated. All of the operators can be adapted to specific conditions for these high speed doors and folding doors. Locking units can be provided depending on the type of door operation.

IPB-S Insulated Snap on Slat