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Our rolling fire doors and fire shutters are designed and manufactured with the highest quality and craftsmanship. All of our fire-rated products are tested and are UL-listed and/or FM labeled. These overhead rolling fire doors are designed for the most demanding fire and safety standards. Alpine fire doors are designed to automatically close in an alarm or fire event to prevent flame spread. Our fire door systems are easily triggered by utilizing a smoke or heat detector.  The fire doors can even be connected to your alarm system. For added peace of mind, there are additional fail safes built-in to ensure fire containment. The rolling fire doors will close in the event that the fusible link system reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit. When activated, the fire doors close to contain any fire threat. This allows extra time for evacuation from the building. Your property will be protected, but more importantly lives will be saved.

Alpine’s UL-listed fire doors are built for fire protection, innovative design and optimum performance. We manufacture each door to your specifications utilizing the most current technologies in fire protection and safety. Our fire-rated doors are utilized in a variety of applications including commercial, industrial, institutional and retail projects. Fire doors are designed to be installed for both masonry and non-masonry openings. Each door is manufactured-to-order. The fire doors are customized to accommodate your specific needs, through a selection of materials, finishes and operations.

Our broad range of fire doors offer customers the opportunity to fit their budget and requirements available. Of course, the lowest cost of ownership is kept in mind. All of our fire doors and fire shutters can be customized to your aesthetic needs. Our Fire-Tite and Fire-Shut models are available in 3/4hr, 1-1/2hr, 3 hr and 4hr ratings. For more information on Alpine Fire Door products, please call Alpine Overhead Doors, Inc. customer service representative at 800-257-4634.

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rolling fire doors can withstand fire for a period of time, protecting your business. a closed rolling fire door


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