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At Alpine Overhead Doors, our main priority is to manufacture rolling doors, counter shutters, commercial overhead doors, and industrial overhead fire doors of high quality. Alpine’s coiling doors (roll up doors and roll down doors) can be fully customized to suit your specific overhead door needs. As a brand-name, direct manufacturer of rolling doors and coiling doors, we specialize in creating reliable, durable roll up doors that will provide our customers with many years of service. Our rolling doors and rolling grilles are built and tested to sustain long-term use in the most crucial conditions. Alpine designs and manufactures insulated overhead doors, fire shutters, service doors, roller shutters for your window, commercial overhead doors, overhead garage doors, rolling doors, and other innovative products that are tested and classified to provide protection in different situations including storm, weather, fire and smoke, and security.  By using our counter doors, fire rated doors, smoke rated doorsstorm rated shutters, thermal rated doors, STC sound rated doors, Dade County approved high-stress doors or our combined storm rated and fire doors, and theft-protection doors, you can be confident that you will always be protected from the elements as well as from intruders. Alpine also offers a variety of security grilles and security Roll-up gates to meet your needs.

  • Our product line of counter doorscommercial overhead doors, service rolling steel doors, industrial door and security coiling doors includes roll up doors,  roll down doors,  overhead coiling doors, industrial doors, commercial overhead fire doors, insulated doors, smoke rated doors,  overhead coiling fire doors, insulated fire doors, hurricane protected coiling doors, storm shutters, commercial overhead doors,  rolling steel doors, roller shutters, roll up storm shutters, security Roll-up gates, counter shutters,  fire shutters, smoke shutters, roll down fire rated doors, roll up doors, coiling doors,  rolling steel doors, and insulated overhead doors.
  • Our rolling steel overhead doors, counter doors for your window and insulated doors are designed for use in industrial and commercial facilities such as airports, retail stores, hotels, institutions, parking garages, warehouses, malls, and shopping centers. Alpine’s rolling doors can also be found on oil rig platforms, docks, distribution outlets, concession stands, hospitals, and store fronts.
  • Use Alpine’s CAD drawing tool now  to customize and design your very own rolling commercial and/or industrial rated steel overhead door. The Alpine engineering team is one of the most knowledgeable and well-educated staff within the overhead door industry. With the help of our engineering team, we are prepared to design roll up doors and fire doors to meet your project specifications no matter how customized. With support from the ISO 9001:2009 Quality Control Program, we assure our customers that our roll up doors are created with only the highest quality materials on the market.
  • Alpine Overhead Doors, the Direct Mfgr of rolling doors, security grilles and security gates, provides superior products at wholesale prices for the overhead rolling steel door industry.  We strive to accommodate customers nationally and internationally, so remember to choose Alpine Overhead Doors because “We’re Always Rolling.”™

Florida Building Code Approvals: 37′ 6″ X 30′ High at +/-30 lbs/sq.ft t0 27′ 6″ X 30′ High at +/- 60 lbs/sq.ft.

  • Each Alpine Overhead Door, no matter the type or need, is engineered to roll up gates and roll down doors using the latest advanced engineering methods. Our staff of trained professionals are ready to discuss your steel rolling doors, overhead coiling doors, smoke rated, storm shutters, rolling storm doors, rolling fire doors, industrial, commercial, fire rated, sound rated overhead door, hurricane, roll up Gates, overhead door, roll down shutters, coiling gates, and rolling grilles needs. Each Alpine product is constructed with materials that are composed of post-industrial, post-consumer, and pre-consumer scrap to help protect the environment with a commitment to being “green.”  Alpine Overhead Doors, Inc. is proud to announce that we are a member the  U.S. Green Building Council. Click here to see our LEED® (a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council) recycled content letter.

UL approved fire doors

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Fire Storm Doors
Insulated Fire Doors
Counter Shutters

Alpine’s Auto Fire-Storm rolling storm doors and rolling fire doors are a combination of the features of Alpine’s Redi-Storm and Fire-Tite models. The rolling steel doors are Dade County approved for high windloads (up to 187 mph) as well as UL, FM, and MEA approved for fire protection. These rolling steel doors comes in galvanized or stainless steel and in a variety of different finishes. Fire door test is easily performed on these insulated doors. Test instructions are included with installation instructions.

Alpine’s Fire-Tite IMB insulated rolling fire doors, have all the features and functions as the standard Fire-Tite rolling fire door, with the addition of insulated slats. The slats are insulated with flame and sound retardant mineral wool fiber. These rolling fire doors are F.M. approved and U.L. classified for up to 4 hours of fire protection. Fire door test is easily performed. Test instructions are included with installation instructions.

Alpine’s Counter Shutters are roll down shutters practical for small window openings such as service counters, windows, concession stands and roll down doors, cafeteria counters. The service shutter curtain is designed to use either 2″ baby curve or 1 -1/4″ baby flat slats to maintain building aesthetics. The service shutters are available in various materials and finishes. We also offer fire shutters and storm shutters. Counter doors are great for small window openings.



To meet the industry’s high demands on function and design, Alpine provides high-quality powder-coat systems with 188 available standard colors and different finishes for your overhead doors, rolling grilles, insulated doors, coiling fire-rated fire doors, sound rated roll down shutters and dock roll up gates and doors needs. UV resistance and endurance-tested applications in climate zones with exceptional exposure to the sun’s rays over an extended period of time and provide outstanding resistance and maintain the value of the roll up doors.

Overhead Doors

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