Alpine® Counter-Grille® Roll Up Shutters

Quality Countertop shutters and Exterior Shutters

  • Roll up shutters are a high quality, space saving solution at an affordable price
  • Request a quote on Quality grilles
  • Exterior shutters provides security against theft and vandalism
  • Grille curtains are solid 5/16″ hot dipped galvanized steel rods with vertical aluminum links
  • Available in a variety of materials including galvanized, prime painted, stainless steel, and aluminum

Alpine’s Counter Grilles roll up shutters are the economic solution for security against theft, damage, and other applications. No matter how large or small the job, or how unusual the application, Alpine has a countertop coiling door, countertop rolling door or countertop shutter that meets your individual specifications. These exterior shutters and roll up concession doors are available in both primed and galvanized steel.

Alpine Counter Grille curtains can be manually, crank or motor operated. All operators can be adapted to specific conditions. Locking units can be provided depending on the type of door operation.

Office Window, Grille, Ventilation, Display Case, Roll Up Concession Doors, Exterior Shutters.

Roll Up Shutters have Bottom Bars that can be Galvanized, Aluminum, Hot Rolled Steel, Powder Coated, Pneumatic Edge, Electric Edge, Wireless Edge, Single Angle, Double Angle, Tubular, Extruded “T”, Slope Bar, Special Cut-Out, Slide Lock.

Bracket Plates for the Countertop Coiling Door and Countertop Shutter can be Hot Rolled A36, Powder Coated, Stop Lock Bearing, Internal Charge, Charge Wheel, Motor Prep., Round Bracket, Square Bracket, Hex Bracket, Single Gear Reducer.

Counterbalance Assembly for Countertop Rolling Door can be Hot Rolled A36, Torsion Spring, Life Cycle 10M, Life Cycle 15M, Life Cycle 17.5M to 400M, Collars, Welded Tabs, Taped Holes, Redi-Tube Motor, Thru-Shaft Push-Up, Inside Charge, Lock Shaft Collar, Keyed, Bolted.

Roll Up Concession Doors can be Powder Coated, Mail Slot, Straight Grille, Brick Grille, Cast Endlocks.

Exterior Shutters and Roll Up Shutters can be Hot Rolled A36, Powder Coated, “F’ Aluminum Guide, Pin Locks, Loc-Tite Locks, Electric Interlock, Tube Mounting, Pack Out Angle, Flat Plate Mount.

Countertop Coiling Door and Countertop Shutter has a hood/cover that can be Galvanized, Prime Painted, Powder Coated, Back Fascia, Tension Cover, Operator Cover, Square, Side End Cap, Motor Cover, T.O.C. Cover, F.O.C. Cover, F.O.W. Cover.

Countertop Rolling Door can be 5/16” Solid Wire, 4 1/2” Tube Spacer, 6” Tube Spacer, 9” Tube Spacer.

Push-Up, Motor, Hand Crank, Redi-Midget, Euro-Drive.

Powder Coating

Our large selection of colors make our doors decorative and durable.

Standard Colors

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Special Effects

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6″ Brick Grille


Roll Formed Double Angle Bottom Bar


“F” Aluminum Guide



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