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IMB-V9 - High Performing Insulated Overhead Door

IMB-V9 Insulated Rolling Door

Product Features

  • Insulated overhead door with metal backing
  • Increased thermal protection, fully weatherstripped
  • Designed for use in high-stress environments
  • R-Value of 9.0
  • 15/16” thick polystyrene

In response to these times of rising energy costs, Alpine has designed and built an insulated overhead door that provides better protection against the elements. To help businesses cut down on energy costs, Alpine offers our IMB insulated door design.The model IMB-V9® insulated roll down door is designed specifically to provide energy efficiency, utilizing a heat resistant polystyrene insulation or  CFC-Free Foamed-in-Place Polyurethane  with a low thermal transmittance factor.

The metal on metal insulated slat of this rolling overhead door has polystyrene insulation, or  CFC-Free Foamed-in-Place Polyurethane  that is a minimum of 15/16″ thick. Slats are available in the following gauge combinations 20/20, 18/18, and 16/16 

IMB Insulated V9 Slat-Profile

3″ Insulated Slat