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Product Features

  • Mall security gates provide security with an open appearance
  • Curtains available in aluminum or stainless steel
  • Available with tube spacers (Mall-Dawn) or as continuous link (Mall-Dawn X)
  • Our mall doors are constructed with quality, long lasting materials

Alpine’s Mall-Dawn™ mall security gates are designed for storefronts, shopping malls, and entryways requiring security with an open appearance. Mall security gate curtains are available in either aluminum or stainless steel to compliment any design aesthetic. Alpine’s mall security gates have been proven for use on thousands of installations for both business and industry.

Alpine’s Mall-Dawn™ mall doors are constructed with quality, long lasting materials. Available mall security gate patterns include either the standard brick pattern or an optional straight pattern. Roll down security grille doors can be either manually or motor operated. The Mall-Dawn™ mall doors include a 22 gauge galvanized or paint-primed hood. Call our factory for additional locking options  

6″ Brick Grille

9″ Straight Grille