Alpine® Double Doors

Combination Overhead Door and Grille Systems

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Security Doors, Security Gate, Aviation Doors, Aviation Rolling Doors



Security Doors, Security Gate, Aviation Doors, Aviation Rolling Doors

Double the security !

Alpine’s Super-Imposed security gate (double doors) provides a unique method for getting the best of both worlds in one installation. The Super Imposed aviation doors are a rolling door and rolling grille combination fixed on a common bracket, making it perfect for applications with differing seasonal or security needs. As an additional feature, the rolling grille can be substituted with a perforated or insulated door for increased protection. Consult Alpine’s Engineering Department to obtain proper clearance requirements for a security gate for a particular opening.

These security doors and aviation shutters are excellent aviation doors are ideal for dual-closures in bus depots, warehouses, and factories. These doors provides a unique dual-closure solution with one easy installation. The benefit of these aviation doors and double doors is that during the day they provide security yet visibility and at night the steel door and grille are both rolled down for complete security. To see your choices of security grilles available see our section on roll up gates, security gates and security grilles.

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