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Dockport 6 - Heavy Duty Marine Doors

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Product Features

  • Heavy duty 6″ curved metal slats
  • Up to 75 feet wide and 90 feet tall, or larger
  • Our strongest door available, designed for the most demanding applications and environments

HEAVY DUTY DOORS CONSTRUCTION DESIGN (ISO 9001: 2015 Registered Company). These coiling doors and rolling steel doors are ideal for use in factories, parking garages, harsh environments, airports, rolling loading docks, ferry loading dock doors, and helicopter hanger doors. These heavy duty doors are also ideal for industrial and commercial buildings, security/impact areas, high traffic areas, shipping and ocean container loading and unloading areas, airport hangars, prisons, military bases and roll up pier doors and service dock doors.

The Alpine coiling Dock Port 6″ rolling steel doors, curved slat, pier doors are strong and come in contoured interlocking slat designs. Dock port doors can be hand-chain or motor operated. All of the service dock doors and rolling steel doors have operators that can be adapted to specific conditions.  Slide lock or pin locking mechanisms can be provided depending on the type of roll up door operation.  All heavy duty doors, service dock doors are durable, sturdy and economical to install and maintain. These heavy duty doors have specially designed coiling 6″ curved slats. These roll up coiling door slats are very durable. This titan of  service dock doors is the largest and strongest loading dock door available. 

These dock port coiling doors are massive in size and are great for your largest helicopter hangar door openings. They can be constructed 75 feet wide and 90 feet tall (for larger sizes consult Alpine Engineering team). The roll up coiling 6″ curved slats can withstand heavy loading dock impacts. These heavy duty doors can be equipped with a variety of roll up options. They are great as ferry loading dock doors and helicopter hangar doors because of their rugged construction. These dock port doors are constructed from 6″ tall curved slats that are made of 13 gauge, 14 gauge, and light as 18 gauge steel so they can take the impact of your ferry loading dock doors and helicopter hangar doors. See Alpine’s drawings for the heavy duty doors guide configurations and more.

Other Uses – Extreme width or height openings, heavy duty doors for ferry loading dock doors, port doors and helicopter hangar doors, extreme wind load environments, rolling steel doors that must be operated during significant wind conditions and offshore ship yards.

6" Curved Slat
6″ Curved Slat